Certifications and Licenses

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Here are all the Premier Sealers certifications.

RBQ License

Our RBQ license allows us to execute commercial and residential work consistent with the provincial laws and regulations administered by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

All our development projects prioritize quality and safety in accordance with legal obligations.

License RBQ Scellants Premier

Certification CAA Habitation recommandé dans Ouest-de-lile

Certification CAA Habitation recommandé dans Ouest-de-lile

Certification Techniseal Ouest-de-lile

CAA Habitation Certification

Premier Sealers is also proud of its certification with CAA-Habitation. Since 2007, we are one of their recommended contractors for sealers and repairs. In their recent customer survey, all respondents said they recommend Premier Sealers to their friends, neighbors and family members. We are very proud of these results.

List of requirements for the CAA-Habitation accreditation:
° Skills and Qualifications
° Experience, required permits, professional affiliations, etc.

° Financial background check of the company

Reputation with customers
° Customer satisfaction survey with clients selected by CAA-Quebec

Customer Protection Plan Value
° Policy liability and warranty verification

° Courtesy, speed, cleanliness, customer service, price, etc.

Seal 'n Lock Certification

Premier Sealers has completed the Seal'n Lock training.

The Seal 'n Lock System Corporation has recognized the need for change in the interlocking concrete paving stone sealing industry – not just in sealing products, but in the overall application process. The increasing demand for water-based products with low VOCs, as an alternative to solvent-based products, has generated a new technology – Seal ‘n Lock System. Our products are state-of-the-art, and address existing industry concerns regarding paving stones turning white and durability without the toxicity and disposal considerations associated with solvent-based sealers.

Certification Techniseal Ouest-de-lile

Certification Techniseal Ouest-de-lile

Techniseal Application Certification

Premier Sealers is a certified user of Techniseal products. Techniseal offers high-end products that help consumers and contractors clean and protect exterior surfaces. The company has become a major manufacturer of polymeric sand and products to the pavement and concrete industry. Paving stone manufacturers worldwide recognize the added value of Techniseal's innovative solutions for installation and maintenance of all development materials.

"Pave Tech" Certification

The founders of the School for Advanced Segmental Paving (Pave Tech) said it best: "Invest in your employees, training is invaluable."

Basically, educating the mind and company equals GROWTH. And Premier Sealers is growing. Premier Sealers is proud to be among the list of certified installers! Pave Tech is a practical training center for installers working with chemicals for cleaning and maintenance of pavements.

Certification Pave Tech Ouest-de-lile

Certification Tehno-Bloc Ouest-de-lile

"Techo-Bloc" paving stone cleaning and maintenance certification

Testimony: “We are excited about our relationship with Premier Sealers. Since customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, it is crucial to have companies and trusted people with whom to work and fix any problems. We found that Premier Sealers is an excellent company for the cleaning of our concrete surfaces and sealcoating. They have successfully completed the most demanding projects we have entrusted to them in both Quebec and Ontario.”

Alex Cadieux
Vice President, Sales, Canada

"Total Safety" Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification

Total Safety certification classes meet federal regulatory requirements for the training and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG).

Premier Sealers is certified TDG.

Certification Total Safety Ouest-de-lile